A wide range of sectors, countless applications

Most of the manufacturers of steam generators operate indiscriminately on the entire power range: from the iron to the small domestic machine … Instead, since its inception, REA STEAM CLEANING has chosen to specialize solely in machines and systems of washing with powers ranging from 9 to 144 kW, ensuring high performance and exceptionally high durability.

Mechanical Industry

Washing and degreasing of conveyor belts, molds, machinery.


Cleaning of conveyor belts in the agro-food industry

Moulding and die casting

Washing and degreasing of molds, presses and finished parts


Automated washing with robot

Pharmaceutical and cosmetic

Surface sanitation and disinfection, production lines and packaging

Hospitals and healthcare

Sanitation and disinfection of surfaces and public spaces


Sanitation and disinfection with mobile steam generators


Sanitation and disinfection of surfaces and public spaces


Washing and degreasing of in-line molded parts

Surfaces treatment

Passivation and phosphating with the use of steam

Demonstrations on your premises
or in our laboratory

You can request a demonstration at your company, or send us samples: we will carry out washing tests in our laboratories and send you a detailed video test report.