The VDA e belt cleaning system is designed to be used on belts of different widths, and is particularly suitable for smooth belts. It is quickly anchored to the belt through a quick fixing system, and can be easily moved along the width of the conveyor belt to cover its entire surface (see video).

VDA can be used after production (conveyor belt mounting) or during production (conveyor belt mounting)

For this economical washing solution, 9 or 18 kw steam generators are sufficient, depending on the width of the belt to be washed.
The generator is not only used for the belt cleaner, but also for any cleaning operation of the company.
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  • Entirely built in AISI 304 stainless steel (without brushes) it does not damage the belt.
  • Available in any width
  • It washes, sanitizes and dries belts of any width, without operator.
  • It mounts quickly on any belt, without tools or modifications to the frame.
  • Thanks to the rapid sliding system, it can move to cover the entire width of the belt.
  • It can be applied on multiple conveyor belts, even if they differ in width.
  • Total extraction of steam and residual water, the belt comes out dry.
  • Totally safe for the operator, no steam or water leaks.
  • Possibility to use steam only, or steam + water, depending on the type of contamination.
VDA is currently the simplest, most effective and economical system for cleaning and sanitizing belts in the agri-food sector.