The REA Tornado system has been designed to allow the washing after production of the modular conveyor belts without operator and without chemicals, using only the 10 bars of steam pressure and its high temperature (< 100 ° at the moment of impact).
The water consumption is negligible (on average 20lt / hour), the steam temperature makes the detergent system free with consequent savings in both chemical product and water disposal costs.
The high rotation speed of the steam nozzle creates a mechanical effect that immediately detaches all residues. Once the visible residues have been removed, the second cleaning round allows for total sanitization.

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  • Entirely built in AISI 304 stainless steel it does not damage the belt.
  • It works automatically on any web width
  • Washing, sanitizing and drying in a single operation
  • It can be applied on multiple conveyor belts, even if they differ in width, without tools and in a few minutes
  • Programming the washing cycle via the touch screen is very intuitive
  • Thanks to the steam temperature, the belt comes out dry from washing
  • Totally safe for the operator, the residual water is collected in a tank
VDA is currently the simplest, most effective and economical system for cleaning and sanitizing belts in the agri-food sector.