One of the main objectives of agri-food companies is the constant improvement of hygiene to reduce the risk of potential product contamination

The problem is particularly relevant in the case of modular conveyor belts, as micro organisms and bacteria lurk in the mesh. The cleaning operation is labor-intensive and almost always uses many liters of chemicals and alarming amounts of water.

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This model is suitable for chain belts (Flexlink type), it moves easily from one belt to another.


The VDA e belt cleaning system is designed to be used on belts of different widths


The REA Tornado system has been designed to allow the washing after production of the modular belts without an operator and without chemicals

Jolly S1

These belt cleaners are designed for cleaning and sanitizing the belt during production, being placed on the belt return.

Jolly S2

These models do not require the presence of an operator.

Jolly D

This system is ideal for cleaning and sanitizing modular belts during processing.