Stationary steam generators can be managed automatically by the production line and work 24 / 24h

Giove 36 kw with integrated vacuum 1

Steam generator and suction unit

Compared to mobile generators, they offer the possibility of managing more complex cleaning cycles in a simple way and are more suitable for 24 / 24h use. They can be managed automatically by the customer’s production line and combined with suction systems.

It is possible to install stationary saturated steam generators at a considerable distance from the washing plant, for better integration in the spaces made available to the customer.

Particular management systems allow delivery of dry or saturated steam at constant pressure during prolonged use.

They are recommended in the case of fixed systems for cleaning, degreasing and sanitizing systems or parts during production. REA STEAM CLEANING dry and saturated steam generators integrate perfectly into the production site.

Product characteristics summary table …

Giove 72kW

72 kW professional stationary steam generator

Giove 36kW

36 kW Professional stationary steam generator

Giove 18kW

18 kW professional stationary steam generator.

Giove 9kW

9 kW professional stationary steam generator

Optional: Steam derivation box

Optional component to which the user’s handle must be connected.