REA STEAM CLEANING has a research and development department, equipped with a dedicated laboratory and the most modern design software

The research and development department of REA STEAM CLEANING has been awarded 2 times by the European Community , as part of the HORIZON 2020 project. Our steam generators are entirely designed and manufactured by us in Italy .

ISO 9001: 2015 certifiedEuropean Horizon 2020 Award – SteamlinerEuropean Horizon 2020 Award – Steammatic

The Research and Development department has the following objectives:

Constantly improve steam generators in terms of performance, ecology, decrease in water consumption, steam quality, reliability of machinery and accessories for intensive use;

Facilitate steam management, in particular through the development of washing tools suitable for the uses requested by the customer;

Implement new systems aimed at the different types of saturated steam applications;

Continuous development of new systems for in-line cleaning and that of conveyor belts used in the agri-food industry.