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REA STEAM CLEANING has chosen, since its inception, to specialize only in washing machines and systems with powers ranging from 9kW to 144kW, guaranteeing high performance and exceptionally high durability.

REA STEAM CLEANING is ISO 9001 certified and its products comply with the PED (Pressure Equipment Directive).

Our steam generators for washing and sanitization are entirely designed and manufactured by us in Italy , in ultra-resistant materials such as stainless steel, the design and production allow a heavy duty use. We are the only ones to offer two types of steam hose: the “heavy duty” one – the most resistant available on the market – and the “comfort” one – aimed at a more ergonomic and less burdensome use. Furthermore, we create customized products for customers with specific requirements.

Quality in the details

Our exclusive MULTIBOILER SYSTEM guarantees a constant steam pressure at the outlet, without the usual load losses found in generators that use a single large boiler to cover the different powers. The basic REA boiler (4.4lt for 9kW power) is small and therefore very reactive, to obtain a quick pressure rise (4min) and avoid pressure drops. The 9kW generators have 1 boiler, the 18kW generators have 2 boilers, the 36kW generators have 4 boilers.

This technical choice allows a perfect stability of the steam pressure at the exit of the cleaning tool, essential for a perfect cleaning or disinfection results.

The 50 and 100 liter tanks mounted on our mobile machines guarantee an autonomy of about 5 hours .

The bodies of REA mobile steam generators, being exclusively intended for professional use, are entirely made of 1.5 mm thick stainless steel .

We use water delivery pumps with increased flow rates (from 200 to 600 liters) to allow a very fast filling of the boilers and therefore avoid pressure drops during the use of the machine.

Our resellers

REA Steam Cleaning has a network of over thirty resellers around the world.