REA STEAM CLEANING is one of the European market leaders in industrial cleaning with saturated steam in the high range

Our steam generators for washing and sanitization are entirely designed and manufactured by us in Italy , in ultra-resistant materials such as stainless steel, the design and production allow a heavy duty use. We are the only ones to offer two types of steam hose: the “heavy duty” one – the most resistant available on the market – and the “comfort” one – aimed at a more ergonomic and less burdensome use. Furthermore, we create customized products for customers with specific requirements.

We have chosen to specialize in washing machines and systems with powers from 9kW to 144kW, for high performance and durability.

Among our customers we find the most famous names in the food, mechanical, automotive, as well as railway and aerospace industries.

REA STEAM CLEANING is ISO 9001 certified and its products comply with the PED (Pressure Equipment Directive).

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A bit of history

REA was born in 1986 in Trofarello, south of Turin, from the idea of Mr. Virginio Sassi, who was the first in Italy to use the properties of saturated / dry steam for washing / degreasing / sanitizing in the professional and industrial sectors. The company experiences strong development, exporting to over 20 countries. Following the sudden death of Mr. Sassi, the company found new partners, becoming REA STEAM CLEANING SRL in 2012. The new management brings new methods, while retaining most of the technical and commercial staff to capitalize on the remarkable experience accumulated over the years, and pass on the know-how to the whole team

Our resellers

REA Steam Cleaning has a network of over thirty resellers around the world.