In the hospitality sector, it is imperative that hotel and restaurant facilities maintain clean, fragrant environments and a high hygienic-sanitary standard.

REA commercial steam cleaners, in particular the Compact 3 kw and Compact 3 kw Vac models, are ideal for the hospitality sector. Our washing accessories, with or without vacuum, allow cleaning staff to quickly and completely clean and sanitize mattresses, kill bed bugs, clean carpets and clean joints, without harsh chemicals.

Using a 220V power supply, our steam cleaners are small in size, lightweight, easy to use in any hospitality facility providing fast and perfect cleaning.
Applications include:
Bedrooms, bathrooms, common areas, sanitation of bed linen, curtains and mattresses
Removing stains from furniture and upholstery, cleaning floors with the vacuum function
Cleaning joints and tiles in bathrooms, sinks, air conditioners

Dry steam also allows effective cleaning and sanitization of classrooms, in particular of desks and tables, windows, floors.