Thanks to its high temperature (120 ° at the nozzle) and its pressure of 10 bar, dry steam is an excellent process for cleaning, degreasing and drying wires, cables, conveyor belts, strips and small diameter pipes in line.

European Horizon 2020 Award – Steamliner

Inline strip cleaning


Inline wire cleaning

The main advantages of dry steam applied to these products are

High levels of degreasing

The steam will hit the surface dissolving the oil, grease and any other contamination. The action of pressure combined with strong suction will evacuate the dirt. Wires, strips, cables come out dry and degreased; The particles are removed. The washing tool allows for quick in-line cleaning at high speeds; Thanks to their easily exchangeable washing chambers, the washing tools are able to handle various shapes, profiles and sizes.

Low water consumption

generally less than 50 liters per hour; Very low quantity of waste water and therefore of dirty water to be treated, with a consequent reduction in associated costs (generally less than 5 liters) per hour.

Very small footprint of the washing tool

Generally less than 2 meters; and this allows it to be installed also on existing production lines.

Steam action speed

This is a significant factor that leads to the accumulation of large quantities of dirt in a short period of time, especially when the section of the wire is important. Steam cleaning is the best solution due to its speed. Our systems allow a passage speed of over 60 meters per minute.

Low consumption of chemicals

With steam cleaning, detergents and chemicals in general are very often useless.

If necessary, the detergent is used in quantities not exceeding 2 liters / hour, and is largely recycled. Dry steam is therefore an ecological alternative to solvents, acids and other chemicals.

Our Steamliner thread cleaner received an award for its innovation from the European community.