In-line degreasing of parts

The rapidity of action of the steam allows you to wash pieces during production, without interrupting the cycle and without having to load the pieces into baskets to take to the washing plant. The savings in terms of time and money are considerable. The entire logistics cycle linked to the movement of pieces from production to washing is also reset.

The parts are introduced directly into our washing tunnel, immediately out of processing, and it is possible to wash pieces at high rates (up to 20 pieces / mn).

Dry steam has numerous characteristics that make in-line washing without interrupting the cycle possible

The heat effect (thermal shock) combined with the 10 bar pressure

They make it possible to significantly reduce the time required for washing / degreasing and therefore to create much shorter systems than the classic water / detergent or ultrasound-based systems.

The high temperature

to which the piece is hit by the steam makes drying extremely fast, further reducing the length of the system.

Detergent free

The temperature and pressure make the use of chemicals often superfluous, and in any case the consumption is very low (generally less than 2 liters / hour).

Constant washing quality

Steam also has a significant advantage over other fluids: it is always clean, unlike the liquids that are recycled inside the washing tunnel, with the risk of progressive degradation of the washing quality due to the exhaustion of the detergent.

Reduced maintenance

Steam is always a clean fluid and therefore REA systems do not require filters to be checked or changed.

REA is able to design steam washing and degreasing systems for various types of pieces.

Thanks to partnerships with companies specialized in automation, REA is able to offer global solutions that include the loading and unloading of parts from the production line.