All types of sheet metal or metal production in general, both in the form of sheets and coils, share the need for cleaning and degreasing , both to make subsequent operations possible and to satisfy the needs of customers.

REA Steam Cleaning systems for washing and degreasing in line allow these operations to be carried out during production and without interrupting the production flow.

REA Steam Cleaning manufactures systems for in-line cleaning of sheets and coils always based on the use of steam, because steam has the following advantages:

  • high degreasing levels (up to Arcotest 42);
  • cleaning and degreasing at line speed (up to 50 m / min)
  • low water consumption (generally< 50 l / hour);
  • very little wastewater produced (generally< 10 l / hour);
  • extremely small footprint on the line (generally< 1 mt);
  • an ecological alternative to the use of solvents;
  • the interchangeable washing chambers allow to treat different widths

High levels of degreasing

This is an intrinsic feature of steam cleaning due to the high temperature of the steam.

Low water consumption

In the case of steam cleaning, low amounts of water are used.

Very little wastewater

One of the characteristics that distinguishes steam cleaning systems is the low quantity of waste produced, composed largely of the dirt removed and partly of the condensation of the water vapor.

Extremely reduced dimensions on the line

All our in-line cleaning systems are distinguished by their extremely small footprint, all other support units are always placed out of the line. These features allow us to easily place our systems even in small spaces on pre-existing lines with minimal changes, which translates into a substantial gain for the customer already in the installation phase.

An ecological alternative to solvent systems

We do not use solvents! Our steam cleaning systems have always been a truly ecological alternative to the use of solvents.

If it is necessary to use detergent, it will be recycled continuously and therefore consumption is very low (generally< 5 l / day).


Our unique interchangeable chamber system allows you to treat different widths with the same washing tool